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Leahy Orchards

In 1980 apple grower James R. Leahy founded the family food processing business Leahy Orchards Inc. out of a desire to find an outlet for apples excluded from retail sale due to rigorous quality standards. His idea was to process these apples into high quality applesauce.
Building on this forward-thinking approach, Mr. Leahy and his sons carved out a new niche for the company by producing private label products for major grocery chains as well as developing the company’s own national Applesnax brand in the process. Throughout the years, we have diversified our product range to include mixed fruit purées, fruit and vegetable purées for babies, and a wide variety of bakery products sold in various sizes. Today we process an average 225,000 kg of fruits and vegetables daily on our nine production lines.


Through our superior product quality, 280 dedicated employees, and exclusive processing methods, Leahy Orchards Inc. has earned the trust of numerous customers. Management demonstrates our social commitment by playing an active role in food organizations and associations. Keeping the environement in mind has always been a core value of ours, please take a moment to visit our sustanibility development page to see what steps we have taken to continue to reduce our environmental impact. In addition, Leahy Orchards Inc. contributes to a host of initiatives on various fronts, especially in children’s health, education, and physical fitness.




Our mission

Leahy Orchards has gained an enviable position as a world-renowned and profitable food processing business. Our mission is to produce high-quality products and to satisfy the markets’ changing needs through research and development and innovation. Over the years, we have won over numerous clients with our exceptional customer service and dynamic approach.


Our values

A family business at its core, Leahy Orchards continues to rely on the strong moral values which have guided all of its endeavours over the years:


- To continue producing quality products and keep our client’s satisfaction and success at the heart of every decision
- To use common sense, dare to innovate and regularly reassess our direction
- To never lose sight of the fact that our employees are our greatest asset
- To respect the environment, our partners and our community.

Leahy Orchards is committed to supporting a few special charities that focus on children’s health, education and physical activity.

Our facilities

Leahy Orchards’ has 4 major sites for a total area of 303,000 square feet, all located near or within Franklin, Quebec. We have our head office that is attached to our plant all of our production happens. The other three buildings are our warehouses in which we use to store our apples, fruits, finished products and materials.

  • installation1

    le 1772, route 209 Franklin Centre QC

    This building houses our head office and processing plant. Since construction, it has and continues to undergo important renovations in many departments.



  • installation2

    le 2085, route 209 Franklin Centre QC

    Acquired in 2000, this building’s main function consists of storing  finished products ready for the US market.

  • installation3

    le 2045, route 202 Franklin Centre QC

    Completely renovated in 2000 to allow for a future expansion project, this building houses our temperature-controlled storage and can hold up to 11,500 bins of fruit.

  • installation4

    le 4070, rue de l’église St-Antoine Abbé QC

    Covering an area of 40,335 square feet, this third warehouse was renovated in 1999 in order to build temperature-controlled rooms and an exterior scale used to weigh fruit. It can store up to 12,000 bins of fruit in its temperature-controlled rooms and 1,500 bins in the cold section.

Our certifications

In recognition of our quality work and consummate professionalism, our facilities, products and investments have been certified by numerous independent organizations.


Created in 2001, our organic line of products has received the OCPP (Organic Crop Producers Processors) certification.


HACCP Certification
Since 2004, Leahy Orchards has been certified HACCP (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points) awarded by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). HACCP is now a recognized international standard that guarantees food safety and facilitates exports into foreign markets. The HACCP recognition has even become a competitive advantage for our business. For our clients, it is a pledge of superior food safety and quality.


SQF Level 3

SAI Global Limited

Organic Certification


Certified Products Accreditation
Aliments du Québec



PEP Certification
Canada Border Services Agency



C-TPAT Certification
U.S Customs and Border Protection


Sustainable development

An important part of our business has become finding solutions to waste. Sustainable development is therefore not simply a common sense business tactic but it is rather a principle deeply ingrained into Leahy Orchards’ business DNA.


True to our beliefs, we launched in 2006 a line of organic products and, in 2013, we underwent a company-wide audit of our carbon footprint. Based on its findings, we are releasing, in September 2016, our first-ever global sustainable development plan which will help us reduce our environmental impact.


This project was made possible in large parts by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, through its Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Quebec, the program geared for the food processing industry is managed through the Fonds de développement de la transformation alimentaire.


Stay in touch with us through this website to keep informed of the audit’s progress!